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TNREIA is committed to providing networking opportunities for our members through a variety of monthly meetings for Real Estate Investors, Wholesalers, Flippers, Rehabbers, Landlords and Industry-Related Professionals.  In addition, TNREIA offers special seminars and seasonal social gatherings to serve our members and the Tennessee Real Estate investor community.  Come and enjoy these opportunities to meet with like-minded new & seasoned Investors, Wholesalers, Flippers, Rehabbers, Landlords and Industry-Related Professionals, who can help you create success for your Real Estate business on your own terms.   

Increasing your knowledge and improving your skills will help you succeed, whether you are a Real Estate Investor, Wholesaler, Flipper, Rehabber, Landlord or Industry-Related Professional. TNREIA provides opportunities to help you stay on top of changes in state and local laws, learn creative financing opportunities, local & state market updates and a multitude of other topics related to real estate in Tennessee. All members have access to mentors that can guide you in the right direction. An active TNREIA membership can help you AVOID pitfalls and speed bumps that can cost you money.


By joining TNREIA you have access to:

* Free attendance at Weekly Meetings

* Knowledge From Seasoned Investors

* Platform to Find and Market Deals

* Investor's Library

* Legislative Alerts

* One hour of free coaching/mentoring

* Video Archives of Select Meetings

* Landlords QuickStart Toolbox with Leases, Rental Application, Pet Addendum, Bedbug Addendum, & More...

* Wholesalers QuickStart Toolbox with Purchase/Sale Agreements, Assignments, Contract for Deed & much much more...

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“The BEST REIA in my opinion. Friendly, relaxed, comfortable, and extremely welcoming to all!” – G. Ward Cheatham County, TN

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“This is the place to be, whether you are a newbie, or experienced. Great place to learn and network. AWESOME group . . . this is the FRIENDLY REIA ” - F. Bryant Wilson County, TN


"I've learned more from TNREIA and the Monday meetings than I ever would from a conference or seminar. These meetings are the highlight of my week." --Scott, Murfreesboro,TN