Favorite Christmas Memories from some of our TNREIA Members:

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

My dad used to sing Oh Holy Night and read the Bible passage about the birth of Christ every Christmas Dinner - Michelle Fox

When I received a “promise ring” (before engagement) from my now husband of 35 years. He put the promise ring in a pair of winter gloves to surprise me! So Sweet! — Lisa Peters

Enjoying eggnog with my family by the fire. — Kirk Gore

Being a firefighter for 7 years, we’d end up with lots of samples and leftovers from training. One Christmas I had a demo Hazmat suit. (Imagine a full body painter’s outfit lined with plastic.) I used that to sled without a sled! Sledding down a hill with just my body was fantastic! — Wyatt Wallace

The year I had 3 children and only $20.00. The only thing the kids got was a can of paint. We spent the holidays painting the bedrooms and to this day they still say it was their favorite Christmas ever! — Unsigned

The Christmas my daughter was so excited about her Barbie four-wheeler! — Randy Cronk

I absolutely love waking up with my husband and kids Christmas morning. I serve coffee and hot chocolate out of my grandmother’s silver tea set. And we have gifts for the kids but they can never think of anything they want. I love that there is no frenzy or greed or focus on “things.” I am thankful when the kids write letters and read them to each other about what they admire about each other — Candace Anger

Every year my family would go to Disney World for two weeks at Christmas and Santa would come while we were there. Made for many wonderful family memories.

— Jennifer Hamrick

One year my twin sister only asked Santa for one thing - a knob for the back of her Thumbelina baby doll which you would wind and then the doll would move it’s arms and legs. Mom wrote the toy company to try to get a replacement but never heard back. Christmas Eve my dad was helping his neighbor put together toys (and a little drinking was involved too!). He mentioned that this was the ONLY request my sister had and she was positive Santa would bring it but Dad knew she was going to be disappointed because there was no way to get that knob. Our neighbor went and pulled the knob off his daughter’s Thumbelina and said his daughter would never even miss it. Christmas morning my sister got a knob for Thumbelina! What a last-minute miracle! — Rehab Pam Simmons

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